Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Things I always Have on My Desk at Work

I've been trying to start talking about my job a little bit more on my blog, as I feel it gives people an idea of what I'm doing and what I am like 75% of the time. I work full-time alongside blogging, so my job is a big part of my life and I want to share it with you. 

While spending a lunch time writing posts (before a busy week away with my Boyfriends family) I asked my colleagues to give me a blog post title and whatever it was, I would write it! They came up with 'Things I always have on my Desk at Work' and I actually kinda love it as I have SO much on my desk right now.

Lip Balms
I have two lip balms on my desk at all times, both of which are EOS. I'm obsessed with these American lip balms and have a minty one and fruity one of my desk at them moment, although I've nearly run out of my Vanilla Mint balm so I'll need to replace that pretty soon!

Hand Cream
I always have my trusty Hand Dream Super Dream hand cream from Soap and Glory on my desk at work! I have no idea why but my hands are always a lot drier when I am at work (maybe it's all the typing?) so I have to top up regularly! I even have back up creams in my drawers from Bee Good, Primark and The Body Shop. 

Hand Sanitiser 
I've got quite a collection of Bath and Body Works Anti Bacs, so I keep one on my desk for emergencies! We have an office dog who comes in quite a lot so I always like to use it after I've been playing with him or given him some treats. 

Weekly Desk Planner
At the beginning of the year I got sent a weekly desk planner by a lovely design company and I absolutely love it as it has a really cute and colourful robot design on it. It goes in front of my keyboard so I can write notes on it quickly if needed, or so I can draw around the robot outlines if I need a quick break... 

Okay, so this isn't on my desk, but it is in my drawers so that counts! I have lots of different Weight Watchers friendly snacks in my drawers along with my Weetabix and porridge that I have for breakfast if I was running late at home. I also have a bottle of light soy sauce, as I like to put it on most of my meals that involve rice.. I'm not strange, I promise. 

I am really bad at drinking my daily water allowance so I have a HUGE bottle of water on my desk that is supposed to remind me to drink throughout the day. I usually forget, but some days I find I go through 2-3 bottles easily. 

Do I need to say anything more? I have notepads everywhere, when probably one would be enough.

What are your desk essentials at work? 

Lots of love, 

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  1. Your desk sounds just like mine! I too have to have lip balms (Cherry Chapstick is the moments favourite), the S&G Hand Cream and Hand Sanitiser... Hell there's even Tobasco Sauce for those bland moments!

    Emma |

  2. I haven't actually really personalised my desk yet, as I only recently started at my job (well, 5 months ago now, haha!) But if I had it would probably be a lot like yours, tbh! Also, an office dog?! That is so cool! x x

  3. These are so similar to my desk essentials! I have my Filofax, a 2 litre bottle of water, lots of paper, lip balm, hand cream and hand sanitiser! It is busy and a crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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