Monday, 14 March 2016

London | Makeup Revolution Party

If you haven't already seen my excessive tweeting, you will know that last Thursday I travelled back to London to go the Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Party. I had the best time ever, so I wanted to share my very short 23 hours in London with you... 

I originally booked an Air bnb in Lambeth, however three day before the event I got a message saying that my host had to cancel however they could put me up in a guest house. I checked out the accommodation and it was basically a warehouse filled with sheds with beds in - and a toilet ban from 00:00 - 07:00am. No thanks. Luckily my Manager suggested that I try looking for a secret hotel on (best idea ever) and I managed to get a four star hotel at the Chealsea football club in Fulham Broadway. 

On Thursday I spent the morning shopping with my Mum before my train, where I ended up buying a whole new outfit for that evening. I originally had a dress from BooHoo's plus size range, however I found a nice black dress and jacket in Primark that I felt much more comfortable in. 

After a quick 10 minute dash to get my train I was finally on my way! I got in around two and headed straight to my hotel, not without snapping the fact I was at Chelsea first though. The hotel was absolutely amazing, so of course I took lots of photos. After I'd had a chance to settle in Laura, from Lola and Behold, came to meet me at the hotel so we could get ready together. I took way too long getting ready but as soon as I was we booked an Uber into central to meet Emily and Sophie

After a quick stop at KFC we headed to Cafe De Paris where the event was being held. There was a place to take photo's in front of a display that said 'I helped make the Revolution' so we took advantage and got a quick photo (I don't like how mine turned out though...) and then went down stairs to the main event. 

From 4-6pm there was an Afternoon Tea style drop in session, where you could have a look at TAM Beauty's products old and new. I think I mentally spent all of next month's wages, especially when looking at some of the new launches. I seriously need to get my hands on the British Beauty Blogger palette as well as the rose gold lipsticks. 

Around 7.30pm Adam Minto, the founder of Makeup Revolution, gave a very heart felt speech during a cocktail reception. Me and the girls, including Vix and Polly, all decided to take full advantage of this and grabbing a cocktail as soon as we finished our last... ooops. My favourite was the I <3 Chocolate cocktail which included a full size flake, of course.

After announcing the new launches (the BBB palette, the new shimmer bricks and a new I <3 Makeup palette) and the launch of their new app Adam passed the stage of to Daisy Smith who shared the news we had all been waiting for - the Freedom Makeup competition, which is effectively the X-Factor of MUA's. While announcing the prize money, Superdrug kindly jumped in and said they would like to double it! This meant the runners up get £2,000 and the winner would get £20,000 as well as being assigned to Freedom Makeup for the year. 

Photo Credit: Emily

After all of the announcements the celebrations began and the free drinks starting coming! I must have had at least 8 glasses of wine in the space a few hours, so it was a wonder I went home still standing. Adam quickly got on stage around 8pm to announce the celebrity DJ and I amazed when he said it was Scott Mills! He absolutely killed it and made the event for me. I don't think I have danced that much in years, or shared that many snaps to my story.. 

After a quick go in the photo booth, me, Emily and Laura (the last ones standing) decided we should leave as it was getting quite late. After grabbing our amazing goody bags, I went back to my hotel and although I was incredibly hungry, I went straight to bed and had the best nights sleep ever. I always sleep so well in a hotel and The Copthorne at Stanford Bridge was no exception. 

Outfit for day two in London

The next morning I woke up really early, which surprised me! I think I panicked that I missed my alarm, so I woke up quite quickly. I spent around 2 hours lying in bed (as you do in a hotel) then got ready to go review the new free-from cafe in Central London called Yorica! I'll be posting on that later on this week. Spoiler alert: I LOVED IT. 

Sorry this ended up being quite a lengthy post, I get really carried away and end up telling an entire story... Did you go to the Makeup Rev Party? What was your favorite thing about it? Should I do a goody bag post?

Lots of love, 

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  1. Ahhhh it looks like such an amazing night!!
    I have my eyes on the BBB palette too, it's stunning!! It's bound to sell out instantly!
    You all looked amazing!!!
    Gillian  xx

  2. Please do a goodie bag post! I know thats not what blogging is about but I love seeing what pretty things people get!
    It looks like a great event :)
    Nicky x

  3. It was so so good to see you! And yeh I agree, best boogie I've had in a long time! x

  4. This sounds like such an amazing night despite the hiccup with your accommodation. I can't wait to see Makeup Revolutions next launches they look stunning as always.

    Emma Inks

  5. It was loveeely to meet you.

    Sophie :) x


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