Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A day in the life of...

I've always wanted to do one of these posts as I absolutely love reading a what a typical day is like for other people. As I've now got quite a similar routine down for Monday - Friday, I thought I'd share with you what a day in the life of Kirsty Leanne is like...

6:50am - I set my alarm for 6.50am just so that I can get that extra ten-twenty minutes in bed (although sometimes it does end up being more... A LOT more).

7.10am - I usually spend five to ten minutes on my phone catching up on social media and checking my private and work emails before I start to get ready. I've perfected getting ready so that if needed, I can actually get ready in like, 20 minutes at best. I usually don't straighten my hair for work as it ends up curly at the end of the day anyway, so I usually just tie it back and wear the bare minimum make up, if any at all. In this time I also feed my kitten and make myself a packed lunch.

7.45am - My Director gives me a lift to work as I don't drive and he usually comes between quarter to or 8 o'clock. I don't 'officially' start work until 9, however I like to go in early so I can either schedule tweets for the day or get started on (or finish off) work. I eat breakfast at my desk while doing this as I'd much rather have the extra ten minutes in bed, plus it means I don't get hungry until around 11.

9.00am - My work day officially starts. I'm a Marketing Assistant and Web Manager at an IT and AV company that supplies rental equipment to the events industry. It can be an exciting job at time and I've had some amazing opportunities from it, however a typical day usually involves managing the department and my two apprentices, writing content for and managing our many websites (we aim to have at least 100 sites by the end of the year) and managing the Adwords campaigns. I have lots of other little jobs in between all of this, so much so I am thinking of writing an entire post based on my job. 

1.00pm - LUNCH TIME. I'm really antisocial and usually spend my lunch time sat at my desk eating my lunch, working on my blog, responding to emails or scheduling more tweets. Sometimes I end up getting extremely distracted and spend my entire lunch scrolling through Twitter though. 

2.00pm - Back to work. I find I am much more productive in the Afternoon, so I usually do most of my content writing after work. 

5.30pm - I finish work at 5.30pm so I wait for my Director to finish work so that I can get a lift home with him. I can't wait to pass my bloody driving test already!

6.00pm - I usually get home around this time, feed Dexter and cook tea. Lately I have been having a microwave meal most nights as I am doing Weight Watchers and I find these are the quickest and easiest things to eat, especially if my Boyfriend is on a late shift and I don't really have to think about what he is eating too. I eat my tea and watch something on Netflix, which at the moment is 90210 for like the gazillionth time.

7.00pm - If I haven't scheduled any posts over the weekend I usually try to get my blog post for the next day scheduled ready for 6.00am the next day, or if I do have some scheduled I do some planning or get some more drafts on the go. Most of the time I have Netflix on in the background so it's quite relaxing and all though it's hard work I do enjoy my evenings blogging. 

8.30pm  - I usually spend the rest of my evening working on miscellaneous things I have to get done which could be any of the following: working on business plans for the company I am setting up, working the freelance work that I do, responding to and sending emails for my blog, editing photos, catching up on work emails, researching and contacting brands for both my blog and events or on a rare occasion I get into bed, cuddle with my kitten and watch Netflix for the whole night. 

11.30pm - I try to go to bed around 11.30, although I know it should be much earlier than this. I spend half an hour or so on my phone, usually Twitter or Instagram and then finally log off from everything and get some sleep. 

See, this is why I don't do weekly vlogs! I don't do enough in the week to warrant filming, unless you all want to see me sat in my Harry Potter dressing gown every night blogging?

What do you get up to in your daily routine?

Lots of love, 

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  1. Brilliant Post Kirsty!!!! I always wonder what everyone I follow on Twitter gets up to in 'real life!' AHA!!! Your job does sound interesting though and I would definitely be up for reading a post based on your job =) Please do more of these I love reading them! xoxo

  2. Brilliant - I love seeing what people get up to away from the blog, so to speak. I think I did a post like this back last year, but I could do with doing a revised one as things have changed now I'm working and look a lot like your days actually! Haha. x x


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