Tuesday, 1 March 2016

25 Things in February

I am finding it so hard to believe that it is already March, but also a little pleased as I'm so ready for summer now. It does however mean it's time for my new monthly blog feature '25 Things in...'. A roundup post where I share 25 posts by other bloggers that I loved or posts people were really talking about this past month.

If you want to catch up and read January's you definitely should, there are some amazing posts on there! 

1. The lovely Jemma from Dorkface wrote a really thought provoking blog post on the power of social media. There have been a lot of harsh things going on in the blogging community lately and I 100% agree with the things Jemma has said, sometimes I do find myself second guessing the things I post and thinking, what will others think?

2. Robowecop posted a hilarious, yet incredibly true post with 51 thoughts every twenty-something girl has every day. I can honestly say I related to 99.9% of these so if you haven't checked it out you definitely should! 

3. The amazing Love from Be posting the best recipe I have ever seen - Nacho Pizza. Yep, that's right, a pizza with Nachos AND dipping sauce. I seriously need to try this. 

4. The gorgeous Jordan from Hello Miss Jordan posted a very photo heavy (thank god) post detailing her visit to the Cadbury's Creme Egg cafe. I really wish I had the chance to go, but instead I will live vicariously through Jordan's post! 

5. Caitlin Jade posted on Through the Mirror 101 resources for every blogger. This post is amazing and has everything you can think of from photography, photo editing, social media and SEO. 

6. Danielle Jade shared a list of the top ten chick flicks to watch and it is AMAZING. I love all these movies and it's made me want to watch them all again!

7. Laura of Eleibee posted the cutest Mothers Day gift guide, complete with pictures of her adorable rabbit, waffle.

8. Claire from Fine and Dandy posted a super cute recipe this month - panda cookies. These are maybe the cutest cookies I have seen in... forever. I'm definitely investing in some panda cookie cutters.

9. One of my favourite bloggers, Ami-Rose, gave up refined sugar for lent. She's got much more willpower than me as I can't resist all of the yummy easter chocolates in the shop right now, but she has posted 5 super easy sugar free lunch recipes on her blog and they all look delicious!

10. Emma Luxton from Essays and Wine posted a list of 23 things she would like to do while she is 23. I love these lists and it's definitely given me some ideas of things to do while I am 23 too! Nothing like a good bit of inspiration!

11. Charlotte from Colours and Carousels wrote a really handy post about Twitter chats and how to make the most of them. I am so bad at missing chats and joining half way through a little confused, so this post is definitely one I have bookmarked!

12. Tore from A Tiny Mew wrote an interesting post that looks at the things that don't neccesarily make you a better blogger. I think it's a great read as I have experienced first hand that, for example, more followers doesn't always mean you all of a sudden get more views.

13. I have a lot of online friends so Aislings post on the pros and cons of online friendships is so relatable!

14. The hilarious Vicky of Vix Meldrew posted a funny post all about the art of sexting! If you haven't read it yet, you need to NOW.

15. Georgina Grogan shared a really interested post (that must have took A LOT of hard research) all about the fit and quality of UK plus size brands. It's such a detailed post and I was shocked to see some of the results.

16. Adele Smith posted a huge LUSH haul (that may or may not of had something to do with me, ooops) this month. I love seeing what other people buy as I think it makes me want to try even more, I definitely need to get my hands on some of the season ranges at the moment too!

17. Amanda from Amanda Bootes posted the most amazing Valentine's Day post - chocolate stuffed strawberries and chocolate covered hearts. Is it just me that thinks Valentine's and chocolate go hand in hand? Mmmmmm....

18. I was so upset that I couldn't make it the LFW Bloggers Hangout event, so when I saw the lovely Charlotte from Discovering Charlotte's blog post I knew I had to live vicariously through it!

19. After seeing Loved by Laura's post on her new bedroom decor I couldn't help to rearrange my own room! The copper and white go so well together and I absolutely love her new cushions! Seriously need to up my game!

20. I couldn't help but share another of Laura's posts this month as it may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen EVER. Her and her bf N spent Valentine's Day at home, but N surprised her with the cutest gesture - a beautiful blanket fort! I need to do this one day!

21. Lola and Behold reviewed over 20 fake tans on her blog this month, putting them all into one comprehensive guide. I absolutely loved this post and as it's getting closer and closer to summer I know this will be one I refer back to!

22. Joe and his girlfriend, Rhianna also celebrated Valentine's Day in a really cute way - in a stunning hotel in Leeds. The photography in this post is absolutely amazing, that alone makes me want to visit Quebecks Hotel.

23. Becky Bedbug recently posted about the ten beauty brands she needs to try, and my list is definitely very similar! I tend not to venture out from my usuals so this year I'd like to be a lot more adventurous with makeup and beauty!

24. The beautiful Thumbelina Lillie posted about the new LUSH Easter range, and it's made me want absolutely everything. I'm heading to London next week so maybe I'll get a chance to do a little bit of a haul... fingers crossed! 

25. Hazel Jane posted a really lovely post about Mother's Day and Gratitude. Sometimes I think it's easy to take people for granted but it's great to be able to say thank you with flowers every now and again.

What posts have you been loving this month? 

Lots of love, 

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  1. Aww was just having a little read and saw my name pop up - TWICE! Eep thank you lovely! What a lovely round up for the month too, such a great idea xx

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my post, on a list of so many amazing bloggers! I look forward to reading your March version, it's a great idea! x

  3. Definitely going through this whole list today, FAB POST! Thanks so much for featuring me, woo!! xx

  4. You know that I am terribly late at catching up on this months blog posts but I LOVE this idea (and I know I am biased because one of my posts is in it) but I actually think I already follow all these blogs!! Looking forward to seeing what you love each month!


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