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Lifestyle: 50 Blogger Accounts You Should Be Following on Twitter

One of my favourite things about blogging is the people or companies I have discovered through Twitter. For me it is my main place to promote my blog, talk to other bloggers and post about what I'm up to - and I know a lot of other people feel the same. So to help you find some new people to follow, I've put together a list of all my favourite bloggers, blogging opportunity accounts,  Twitter chat accounts and the best places to look for blogging events.


This is a list of some of my favourite bloggers that I think you should be following on Twitter. They're fun, inspirational and always engaging with other bloggers - what more could you want?

Jemma Dorkface

Becky Bedbug

Brogan Tate

Copper Garden

Hannah Gale

Dizzy Brunette

Amanda Bootes

Styled By Charlee

Very Berry Cosmo

Emma Luxton


Northern Blood


Adele Smith


Dungarees and Donuts





Charmed Charlee

Caitlin Jade

The Prosecco Diaries

Ami Rose

Florence Grace

Katy Gilroy


Daisy Deebob

Franny Mac

Olivia Cheryl

She Might Be Loved

The Creative Geek

Alice Spake

Blogger Retweet Accounts

When promoting your blogs on Twitter you can tag accounts that will retweet your blog for you. The ones below are the ones I use on a regular basis, and that always retweet my posts.


UK Bloggers

UK Blog Retweet

Blogger Bees

Female Blogger RT

Blogger Events 

I love blogging events but when I first started blogging I always missed out as I wasn't following the right people. These accounts are either specifically for events or bloggers that host events regularly.

Pretty Lovely Bloggers

LDN Meet Up

City Girls

Blogger Hangout

Soton Bloggers

Scarlett London

Souers De Luxe


If your looking to collaborate with some brands the following Twitter accounts often advertise their opportunities, or tell you how to sign up to their newsletters or databases.

Talented Talkers

Bloggers Required

Type the Hype

Joe Blogs

Blogger Hangout

What Twitter accounts do you follow? Are their any I have missed and should add to this list?

Lots of love, 

Kirsty Leanne xx

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