Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lush #GayIsOk Love Soap

This one has definitely been one filled with happiness for the LGBT community and those that support it, with both gay marriage being legalised in all American states, London Pride Festival and LUSH launching their amazing #GayIsOk campaign. I believe that love is love and shouldn't matter what sex your partner is - everyone should have the right to get married. It horrifies me to know that in some countries gay marriage is still illegal.

The LUSH  #GayIsOk Love Soap is part of the amazing campaign as it is only sold in countries where gay marriage has been legalised - this means the soap is still illegal in nearly 80 countries. I am lucky to be in a country where all couples have the right to get married so as soon as I heard that I could support the LGBT community in such a brilliant way, I headed straight to my local LUSH.

Money from the soap goes to the LGBT campaign group All Out, which funds grassroots campaigns around the world. They're also encouraging people all over the world to post selfies with the soap and to include the hashtag,  to help show that they believe gay is okay.

The soap itself smells absolutely amazing as it is the iconic LUSH Love fragrance, it's so sweet and honey-like. It's a beautiful gold colour with the words #GayIsOk imprinted on the front, covered in glitter. If there is one thing LUSH always does right - it's glitter. It's sold out on the site at the moment, but for more information on the soap and the cause click here.

I am 100% behind this campaign and it is yet another reason why I love LUSH so much. So, what would you do if your love was illegal?


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Review: Dr PawPaw Original Formula Balm

A couple of weeks ago the lovely people at Catalyst PR sent me a little sample of the Dr Paw Paw Original Formula* soothing balm, which couldn't have been better timing. With my lips being more and more exposed to sun this summer they were starting to feel really dry and my Vaseline just hasn't been doing it for me.

The sample size I was sent was a 10ml tube however the Dr PawPaw Original Balm also comes in a 25ml tube and a much larger economy sized 200ml tube - which looks totally amazing. The packaging itself is bright yellow which is something I didn't think I would like, however now I have seen it I actually kinda dig it.

The great thing about Dr PawPaw soothing balm is that it's not only a lip balm, it is an incredibly multipurpose, soothing balm. This natural remedy balm can be used for so many different things such as a hand and nails cream, moisturiser, makeup primer, makeup finisher and a hair soother. I have never tried anything so versatile before and it definitely did not disappoint.

The texture of the formula has quite a silicon feel to it which is actually quite similar to the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, making it incredibly smooth to apply. I've been using it on my lips mainly and its really helping to stop them dry out, without having to reapply too often. As it's only a small sample I haven't had much of a chance to test all of its uses but I did use it as my makeup primer the other day and absolutely loved it. I'm yet to try it as a moisturiser, however I don't know how I feel about it being unscented as I love nothing more than a sweet smelling one!

I am definitely going to treat myself to the economy sized tube as I love that I can just throw it in my bag and use it for pretty much anything and without a steep price tag! 

Have you tried any of the Dr PawPaw balms? What did you think?

Lots of love, 

Kirsty Leanne xx 

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*This product has kindly been sent to me by lovely people to sample. Don't worry though as all opinions are my own and I can promise that the review is 100% honest.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Benefit They're Real Killer Colours Launch

Next week Benefit will be launching their iconic They're Real! Mascara and Push Up Liner with a new, amazing twist as from the 27th June you will be able to buy the eyeliner in the shades 'beyond' brown, blue, green and purple and the mascara in 'beyond' brown and blue. Last weekend I got the chance to try the new colours and have a full make-over at my local Benefit counter in Debenhams with the lovely Abi.

I don't actually own many Benefit products at the moment, so this was a great opportunity to not only get an exclusive look at the new They're Real! Killer Colours but also to have a play with some of the things I have been dying to try - especially Watts Up.

I had been chatting on and off with Abi on Twitter and she was just as lovely as I imagined. I have never actually been for a make-over before so I was quite scared, but Abi made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. We talked about everything and anything while she worked her magic - the main topic being my terrible eyebrows.

Those of you that know me will know that I don't really do much with my brows, but I really want to start learning how to make them look amazing. Benefit are well known for there Brow Bars so Abi gave me loads of pointers so I am really excited to start practicing as after my makeover it was clear that good brows complete a look. I was definitely a little scared of them at first, but they definitely grew on me ;-)

After my face was complete it was time to try the new They're Real! Killer Colours. Abi went with the purple eyeliner and blue mascara, which I was unsure about at first but it is an amazing combination! After doing my first eye with eyeliner and a cute feline flick, Abi asked me to do my other one myself. Que panic. I hate doing my makeup in front of people and the pressure was on to get my flick to match the first one. I don't think I did too bad, but it did help that the eyeliner was super easy to use!

After my eyeliner was done Abi got me to do my mascara myself. I am so ashamed I didn't know this already but Abi suggested I apply the mascara to the top of my lashes first, then push up from the root to get the most defined look possible. It worked amazingly, so much so that my lashes actually looked deceivingly long.

The colour looked absolutely stunning as they were so bright and vibrant when paired with a simple nude shadow. I am really excited to try the brown liner and mascara when they come out this weekend as I think it would go perfectly with my go to gold eye-shadow look. As you can see from my before and after, Abi did an amazing job and I would highly recommend going to see her at Benefit in Telford Debenhams if you're in the area.

If you are local and will be heading into town this Saturday 27th June for the launch of Killer Colours, if you quote 'Just a Little Bit Ginger' you will receive a free goody bag with any purchase!

Will you be trying any of the Killer Colours when they launch this weekend?

Lots of love, 

Kirsty Leanne xx

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* This service was offered to me free of charge by the lovely Abi, but I can promise you that all opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer. 


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bloggers Invade Centerparcs - Longleat Forest

If any one had told me six months ago that I would be going on holiday with twelve bloggers I had never met before I would have told them they are absolutely crazy, but this is exactly how I spent last weekend! Back in February LDN Meet Up organised a blogger holiday to Longleat Forest Centerparcs for twelve bloggers and I was so lucky to be able to go! If you want to get to know all of the bloggers that went Vicky has done an amazing post introducing everyone over on her blog.

After months of getting to know the girls that were going through 1000's of Whatsapp messages the weekend of #BloggersInvadeCenterparcs had finally arrived. I headed to London the day before to meet up with one of my best friends Adele for a bit of pre-holiday shopping and to stay in Kingston for the night so that I felt well prepared for an early morning of travelling.

After quickly getting ready on the Friday morning me and Adele started our road trip - complete with one of the best road trip play lists I have heard yet (think lots of One Direction, Megan Trainer and Taylor Swift). First was a quick stop off at Fleet services for some snacks for the road, then we headed to Adele's home town where we went to visit her parents. After a quick lunch in Waitrose we grabbed some Fro Yo and headed to Longleat!

We were the first to arrive so we headed to Lodge 552 (AKA Lodge 2) and quickly unpacked all of stuff and waited for everyone to arrive. Bella, Jess, Abi and Vicky arrived one by one and we sat and talked for ages getting to know each other and watching videos of our favourite blogger.

It's amazing how much we all clicked, considering most of us had never met beforehand, it soon became like we had known each other for years.

Once everyone had arrived and we'd had the chance to relax a little we went over to Lodge 1 to meet the other girls. Lauren, Rachel, Laura, Laura and Laura (yes, there were three Laura's!) had already made themselves comfortable so we sat and joined them before heading off to make dinner!

Even though we hadn't mentioned to the other girls what we were cooking both lodges ended up making fajitas. Jess and Adele cooked up an amazing Mexican feast and we sat talking for hours before we all called it a night.

The next morning we woke up to Jess and Abi cooking an Instagram-worthy breakfast of croissants, crumpets and fruit. After breakfast a couple of the girls headed to get their bikes and to go canoeing but me, Adele and Vicky decided to go down to the Jardin Des Sports for a Starbucks and a bit of badminton. Adele was absolutely amazing and put both of us to shame (which wasn't too difficult in my case). The highlight had to be Adele hitting Vicky in the face with the shuttlecock, causing her to fall over!

We worked up an appetite playing badminton so we grabbed some lunch at the Sports Cafe before we went to play a round of Mini Golf. I was slightly better at mini golf than I was at badminton, however Adele still managed to beat us both. We went back to Lodge 1 and ended up watching Pitch Perfect (best film ever!) before going back to our own lodge to get ready for a night out.

Photo Credit: www.lovedbylaura.com

We all met at Lodge 1 and then caught the worlds slowest train down to Hucks American Diner where I sat with Laura, Bella and Abi. It was a perfect chance to get to know them better and I loved hearing all about Laura's job! The meal consisted of selfie sticks, hot dogs, mac n cheese, burgers, amazing conversation and plenty of strong cocktails. I had a Frozen Daiquiri and the Mac n Cheese Hot Dog - it was bloody gorgeous! After food we had Lodge 1 vs. Lodge 2 bowling, which was so fun. I'm terrible at bowling but we had Adele on our team who had definitely been practicing!

Photo Credit: www.lovedbylaura.com

We caught the train back to our lodges and went to grab our drinks (including glittery vodka jelly shots) before heading over to Lodge 1 for a very sober Kings Cup and Never Have I Ever, where we learnt a lot about each other than we will never tell. As we drank more and more we played heads up (which is absolutely hilarious), had a game of Beer Pong with Asti and saw Vicky reveal her hidden talent. Move over Jay-Z, Bloggas in Paris happened. The night introduced us to some amazing new hashtags too, my favourite definitely being #thatgirlfog.

The next morning some of us were a little worse for wear so after Adele cooked us an amazing fry up we spent the morning watching Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls and 10 Things I Hate About You while eating lots of junk food. A couple of the girls headed home that afternoon so we said our Goodbyes to Vicky, Laura and Rachel before some of us headed to the pool.

Photo Credit: www.thatgirlbehindhermask.com

The pool was absolutely amazing, especially as we went as it was getting dark and the pretty fairy lights come on. The girls managed to persuade me to go on the rapids and I am so glad that they did as they were so scary but so much fun! On the way home we grabbed some takeaway food and went back to the lodge to watch Sex and the City before an early night.

The next morning we packed up our things and said our goodbyes! Me, Adele, Bella and Abi had decided to go to Longleat Safari and Adventure Park as it was just next door and it was amazing so I will be doing another post about our day there soon. After we had well and truly tired ourselves out we said goodbye and went our separate ways, which was so sad! I had a long journey ahead of me, but Adele kindly drove me back to Kingston so I could head to London for my train, I was so happy as we got to Drive past Stone Henge which I have never seen before!

If you have made it to the end of this post - thank you! I had the most amazing time and I know I have made friends with some amazing girls and that we will be friends for life. I have never clicked so well with a group of people within minutes of meeting each other, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to do something so amazing. Thank you so much Lauren for organising everything. Roll on the next Trip!

Have you ever been on a bloggers holiday!?


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

LUSH Oxford Street Haul

Ever since I first heard there was going to be a three floor LUSH store opening on Oxford Street with 200 exclusive products, I knew I had to go. So last week when I headed to London to meet with Adele before our holiday to Centerparcs, we made sure we passed through Oxford Street so we could finally check it out. As soon as we met up LUSH Oxford Street was out first stop - and it was amazing.

As soon as you walk in the door there are a couple of the exclusive bath bombs and bubble bars next to a gigantic sink, which was filled with an amazing bright blue water from the Experimenter Bath Bomb. The ground floor is skincare and makeup, including their amazing soaps. I already knew that I wanted to get some of the Oxford Street soap that was exclusive to the store as it has been made to smell like a LUSH store. I wanted a bit that was white and green and as it would have been too awkward to cut the shop assistant ended up giving me that she had cut too small as a sample to try, which was so sweet!

Upstairs was definitely my favourite and where I spent the majority of my money as it is home to the gift sets, bath bombs and bubble bars. We spent ages talking to the lovely girls that work in the shop and testing out different exclusive bath bombs, oils and bubble bars and I honestly fell in love with all of them, it was so difficult to choose only a few. The ones I did pick up all look absolutely amazing though, I can't wait to try them.

I only got one bubble bar, Little Dragon - but I absolutely love it. It's a super easy to use reusable bubble bar that smells of cinnamon and ginger. I love the design of it too, the dragon is so cute and absolutely covered in gold glitter. I thought it was really good value for money as you get two bubble bar sticks, meaning it will last a lot longer than some of the other bubble bars I have had.

I bought myself three bath bombs all together, the first being The Experimenter which is so bright and colourful I couldn't resist. It's such an unusual shape compared to other LUSH bath bombs and is made up of blue, white, pink and yellow sections which are all different scents. The bath bomb also contains both popping candy and glitter and after seeing this one tested in the store I can't wait to try it out - it smells absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing!

I also picked up the Golden Slumbers bath bomb, which as you probably guessed is a lovely gold coloured bath bomb that is filled with gold glitter. It's sole purpose is to completely relax you and send you to sleep with its lavender scent, so I really hope it doesn't disappoint!

The last bath bomb I bought was Intergalactic, after seeing that Becky from Becky Bedbug had tried it and absolutely loved it. It smells just like peppermint which is so unusual but I love it, I can imagine the scent is really relaxing when having a bath. This is another one that we saw tested in store (mixed into a LUSH cocktail with Golden Slumbers) and it looked absolutely amazing. I don't think I have ever seen so much glitter in my entire life.

Finally I picked up one of the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melts. The bath melts are only small but after trying one out in store and loving how soft it made my hands feel I had to get myself one. I choose Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment as it is such a beautiful bright pink and orange and smells exactly like Snow Fairy, which I know is a blogger favourite.

I am so excited to try everything out and definitely have a pampering session planned for this weekend! Have you been to Oxford Street LUSH yet? What exclusives did you buy and what should I get next?


Monday, 8 June 2015

Battle of the Bands

A couple of years ago I fell in love with some cute little hair bobbles from Brandy Melville in Orange County, that don't leave a kink in your hair. I looked for them everywhere when I came back to the UK but couldn't seem to find any until recently, but luckily for me they seem to be everywhere now. Naturally, I now have a huge collection so I thought I would put the brands that I do own to the test in the 'Battle of the Bands'.

Prairie Charms*

Packaging: I absolutely love Prairie Charms packaging for any of their products, but this has to be one of my favourites. The bands are well placed on cardboard so you can easily see each design and then wrapped up in a little package with tonnes of little sequins. I am incredibly girly so anything that involves sequins in a win in my eyes. Score 9/10. 

Design: I was sent the Prairie Charms bobbles as part of the Shropshire Blogger Meet, where everybody got to choose which design they wanted. There were a lot that I liked (they have a unicorn design which is to die for!) but I was really drawn to the dark blue one with the gold anchors. I thought it was very different to others I had seen and could definitely see myself wearing it for work as its not too bright. Score 7/10

Overall: The durability of the Prairie Charms bands is amazing, I think I wear the anchor one most and there is no sign of wear and tear at all. They are incredibly easy to put in and I can have my hair tied up all day for work and when I let it down at the end of the day it is still as straight as when I tied it up that morning, which is absolutely amazing! Another thing I love about kink free hair bobbles is they look super cute when you wear them on your wrist and don't leave that dreaded red line! Score 8/10

Total score 24/30

No Bump Bobble*

Packaging: The No Bump Bobble is another one I got as part of the Shropshire Blogger Meet, which meant the bands came in a cute little pink gift bag with a business card included. The little bag itself is so cute and love that it is a nice shade of bright pink. I have actually started to keep all my bands in there now as it saves me losing them and it is really easy to just throw into my bag when I am heading out. Score 8/10

Design: The No Bump Bobble comes in a variety of different shades but the ones I have been gifted with included 4 of their pastel bobbles and one from their glitter range. I am a sucker for anything pastel so these colours were right up my street. I love the glitter band too - it's perfect for adding a little bit of glamour to an up-do on a night out! Score 8/10

Overall: Much like the Prairie Charms bobbles the durability of the No Bump Bobble is amazing, after a month of wearing them every day and they are still 100% intact. As well as leaving no bumps or kinks I also love that they don't get knotted in my hair as there is nothing more painful than pulling out a hair bobble that has got tangled up in your hair. Score 8/10

Total Score 24/30

Primark Hair Bobbles

Packaging: The Primark Bobbles were something that I found on my most recent trip there and I knew it was only a matter of time before Primark would venture into the world of no bumps. I am not overly keen on the packaging, but it is the standard Primark packaging so I wouldn't expect it to be anything different. It's nice that you can clearly see all six designs. Score 6/10

Design: The designs of the Primark ones are so cute! I love the two pineapple designs and the cherry one, as I adore anything with fruit on it at the moment. It follows a nice summery colour scheme but I would like to see some that a little bit more girly in the future. Score 7/10

Overall: The Primark bands are much cheaper so as you would expect the quality isn't as good. They are a lot thinner and they are so small I can't fit them around my wrist comfortably, which makes it more difficult to put them on. I have used them a couple of times and the patterns are already fading too, which is a little bit disappointing. but for £1.50 for six bands I suppose I am getting what I paid for. Score 4/10

Total Score: 17/30

The votes have been counted and verified and *drum roll please* as you can see it was a draw between the Prairie Charms no kink hair bands and the No Bump Bobble! Two very deserving winners!

Have you tried any hair bands that don't leave kinks? Are there any others I should try?

Lots of love, 

Kirsty Leanne xx 

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*This product has kindly been sent to me by lovely people to sample. Don't worry though as all opinions are my own and I can promise that the review is 100% honest.

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