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Lifestyle: The 50 Bloggers You Should Be Following

I've only been blogging for 9 months, but I don't think I could ever imagine my life without the friends I have made, the events I have been to and the 100's of new blogs I have discovered. I thought I would share with you my 50 favourite blogs that if you're not already following, you should be!

Adele Louise Smith

Those of you that know me well will know that Adele is one of my best friends, but I wouldn't have met her if I hadn't of discovered her amazing blog first. Adele posts a lot of lifestyle posts and posts that are aimed at improving your lifestyle. She's also posts lots of handy motivational tips which I swear by after a bad day, amazing recipes that look delicious and lots of reviews of her favourite healthy snacks!

Adele is also the other half of our events company 'Pretty Lovely Bloggers'. We organise events in the areas that don't usually get to experience them, helping to bring brands and bloggers together. Our first event was the West Midlands Blogger Meet earlier this month and there are many more to come this year.


Jemma is one of the kindest bloggers in the Twittersphere so it's an added bonus that she has an amazing blog too. Expect lots of Kawaii, blogging tips and motivational posts for when you're feeling down in the dumps. She's a social media expert when it comes to blogging and never misses a chat, which is actually how I first discovered her blog!

As well as setting up her own Etsy store with custom made items, Jemma has also been nominated for two awards in the first ever #bloggersblogawards and she is so deserving of both.

Becky Bedbug

Becky is another nominee for the #bloggersblogawards (seriously wish I could vote for everyone, as they are all so amazing) and she is possibly one of my favourite bloggers I've met so far. I love the constant Twitter updates, her amazing posts and she is so blog savvy it's unreal.

One of my favourite things about Becky's blog is her 'Can Fat People Wear....' series. She challenges the so called 'fashion rules' and tries every trend, giving her feedback on how she felt. Another great thing about Becky Bedbug? Her photography is absolutely stunning.

Vix Meldrew

I had the pleasure of staying with Vicky when we visited Centerparcs in June and she is absolutely hilarious, which really shows in her blog posts which are so funny and down to earth. Side note: If you ever have the chance to meet Vicky, ask her to do her best American or Irish accent! Vicky has recently relaunched her blog and I absolutely love how honest her posts are.

Vicky also has a little side project alongside her blog - the Beauty Blogger Box. This is a new monthly subscription box made by bloggers, for bloggers! I'm already a loyal subscriber and its absolutely amazing, the range of products is always great and I have already found some new favourites. You can see my two current box reviews here.

Very Berry Cosmo

Kayleigh from Very Berry Cosmo is one of the first blogs I started following on Twitter and I have loved her from the start! Her posts are always 100% honest and you can really see her fun and bubbly personality in each and every one. Kayleigh also vlogs and I can honestly say I love watching her videos, although I get seriously FOMO when it comes to all the amazing events she attends.

One of my favourite posts Kayleigh posted was her 'My Experience with the Implant' post. I had a lot of questions before hand but this post was so informative that Kayleigh was able to answer a lot of my queries, as well as telling her own personal story. That to me shows how much of a talented writer she is.

Avenue de Sophie

Sophie has one of the most eye-pleasing blogs I have come across so far. He layout is spot on, her photography is as gorgeous as she is and she has an amazing writing style. I also love that Sophie has recently started doing outfit posts too, I'd love to have fashion sense like hers!

If you want to experience serious Instagram envy you should also check out Sophie's account, her pictures are always amazing.

Dungarees and Donuts

Olivia Jade is such a sweet person who is always sharing the love on Twitter! I have been reading her blog since I first started and I think she's such an inspiration. No matter what comes her way she always comes back stronger and she has an amazing blog to show for it. I love reading Olivia's makeup and American Candy Reviews, they're always so fun!

Olivia also has a second blog called Dungarees and Degrees, which is all about her life as a student. She gives advice and tips for surviving University, including a guide to Drink Games at University, probably something I could have done with while I was studying!

Fine and Dandy

Claire has one of the prettiest blogs I've seen, it's so pink and girly! She regularly features some of my favourite things - cats, stationary and cakes. Every post is well written, has stunning photography and is so different to any other blog I have read, making it really unique.

Claire also has an amazing Instagram account, which is just as girly as her blog. Expect lots of pink, makeup, stationary, cats and kawaii pictures.

Love From Florence Grace

Florence is an absolute superwoman and an inspiration to bloggers everywhere! Alongside her blog Florence also works three jobs and her own blogging magazine, which is amazing by the way!

Florence likes to talk about makeup and beauty, but also challenges the things a lot of people are afraid to talk about. Her controversial posts are some of my favourites as I love how open and honest she can, unafraid of what people may think.

Everything You Don't Need to Know About Sarah

Sarah is one of the first bloggers I met as she lives about 30 minutes away from me. We went to a blogger event and since then we have been to many more together! Sarah is such an inspiration when it comes to blogging and I love her fitness posts and healthy recipes, they make me wish I had a fit and healthy lifestyle!

As well as blogging, Sarah hold loads of different fundraising events for the Bone Cancer Research Trust in memory of her younger sister. Two of her most recent challenges include cycling 3000 miles and holding a charity ball in Nottingham, absolutely amazing!

Discovering Charlotte

I love Charlottes blog as she posts a lot of posts about her thrifty finds! I have never seen someone style their charity shop bargains so well but Charlotte nails it every time. I've met her a couple of times now and she is so down to earth - just like her blog posts!

Expect lots of honest and open posts about her Slimming World and weight loss journey (something I can really relate to) but also posts about events and new products she has tried. I love the variety in posts as there is always something new and interesting to read. My favourite post so far is here 'You Know Your on Slimming World When....'.

Jinksy Beauty

Karen is another blogger that lives near to me and probably the blogger I see most often (as we are literally 30 seconds away from each other!). Karen is incredibly beauty obsessed and it really shows on her blog, Jinksy Beauty. I love her posts showing her recent hauls, lipstick collections and her reviews of different subscription boxes she subscribes to. It makes me want to subscribe to them all.

Another thing I love about Karen is her Instagram account and I am always telling her how jealous I am of it! Her pictures are always so beautifully laid out and she loves to use Instagram to engage with her followers, asking questions on each post.

She Might Be Loved

Georgina is one of my absolute favourite fashion bloggers, she loves dresses (just like me) and she always looks amazing in all of her photos. She's beautiful, talented and absolutely hilarious. One of my favourite posts she did was her post about her experience at a benefit interview as it is so honest and interesting.

Georgina also has Youtube, which I really love. She spend a lot of time taking the mick out of blogger cliches which I absolutely love, I always find myself laughing out loud at her videos.

Loved By Laura

Laura is another blogger I had the chance to meet at Centreparcs, she is so lovely and always armed with a Selfie Stick. Laura's blog is amazing too, with great pictures and amazing topics I never miss a post.

Laura also gets invited to some seriously cool events, which I am incredibly jealous of. From London Fashion Week and Tea Partys to Wimbledon themed parties - Laura has seen it all. You can view Laura's event posts in the lifestyle section of her blog here.

Lola and Behold

Laura from Lola and Behold has an amazing beauty and lifestyle blog, definitely one of my favourites. She has a stunning layout, amazing content and some of the best pictures I have seen in the bloggersphere.

One of my favourite posts by Laura is her 'You Suck as a Blogger When...' post, as it points out all of the crazy blogger cliches that have developed over time. I actually don't follow a lot of them, which either makes me a terrible blogger or an amazingly individual one. The post is light hearted and funny, exactly what I look for in a blog!


Rhianna from Robowecop is another blogger who hasn't recently relaunched their blog and I can honestly say I am loving every second of it. Her posts are always on point and I love that it is such original content with amazing photography.

Rhianna is also on Youtube and I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan. I love her unboxing videos and especially her makeup tutorials as her eyeliner game is strong. If I can ever do my makeup like hers I think I will be incredibly pleased with myself!

Essays and Wine

Emma is a blogger I have been reading for a long time as I really love how honest and thought provoking her posts can be. Expect lots of beauty, fashion and health posts with beautiful photography.

My favourite posts by Emma are her Healthy Living posts, particularly her post about her weight loss journey as I think she put into words how a lot of us feel. The comments show how many people her post inspired and I think its absolutely lovely to see the support of the blogging community.

Annie Writes Beauty

Alice of Annie Writes Beauty is a blogger I have been following for a long time, probably since my first few weeks of blogging. As a fellow beauty addict I love looking through her posts to discover new brands and I know she has definitely encouraged me to make a few purchases of new products.

Alice also organises blogger events in Southampton with the sotonbloggers group. Although it's a little far from me her events always look amazing so I hope that I get to attend one sooner rather than later.

Through The Mirror 

Caitlin is a blogger I have been following on Twitter for a while and I am so glad I found her blog. She has stunning photography, great content and you can really see how creative she is in each and every post.

I have also recently discovered that Caitlin has a Youtube channel, which is a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. One of my favourite videos of hers was her huge America Haul, as I love absolutely anything American so everything she bought was like a dream come true for me!

Inked Hibiscus

Colette shares my love on Pretty Little Liars and in the run up to the last season finale it was all we could talk about on Twitter. She's so friendly, yet at the same time an incredibly sarcastic and funny person, especially when it comes to Twitter drama. It's so hilarious.

Her lifestyle blog features lots of posts including her little boy, who is absolutely adorable. Love how fresh and interesting her content is for me as I don't read a lot of parent blogs.

Little Fickle

Sammy's blog is another favourite of mine as the quality and range of content is amazing. She covers anything from fashion and beauty to health and controversial lifestyle, meaning there is something that will appeal to everyone.

One of my favourite posts of Sammy's is her post on World Suicide Prevention Day. It's such a honest and brave post, as it's not something a lot of people feel comfortable talking about.

The Lilac Scrapbook

Katie is a blogger I have been following for as long as I can remember and I am so glad I discovered her blog. Not only does Katie have amazing content, beautiful pictures and the best fashion sense ever, but she also has a Youtube channel with her girlfriend - Sammy from Little Fickle. I love watching their videos and yes, they are absolutely adorable together.

Katy and Sam also host events in the North West, which I am definitely aiming to go to in the future as I am so close and their last one looking absolutely amazing.

Tea Party Beauty

Hayley from Tea Party Beauty is amazing! I absolutely love her blog and have been reading it since before I started blogging. Expect lots of beauty, lifestyle, travel and Gin from Hayleys blog and Twitter, as she is a little bit of a Social Media expert in the blogging world.

Hayley is also the blogger behind the blogger blog awards happening next month. With the absence of the Cosmo Blog Awards Hayley took it upon herself to set up her own and she has done brilliantly - I am a little jealous I can't attend!


Chlo is a blogger I discovered on Twitter in my first few months of blogging and I am so glad that I did. I love her posts as they are always so fun and creative, which is definitely representative of her personality! I met her at the Bloggers Festival earlier this year and she was so lovely. You can read her post about the event here.

Chlo also co-owns an amazing stationary company called That Lame Company (which is so not lame at all). They sell the cutest little cards, post cards, stickers and notebooks. I can't wait till pay day so I can buy EVERYTHING.

The Prosecco Diaries 

A couple of months ago I went to the Big Blogger Conference in London and Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries was there giving a talk on monetising your blog. I hadn't heard of her blog before the event but since then I have been obsessed.

Sarah posts a lot about food and drink in London, travel, health, beauty and the blogging events she attends. There's such a mix of posts, it's amazing. Sarah also runs the Bloggeration Twitter account where she retweets and shares other bloggers posts.

Ms Mistry Blogs

I internet-met Ms Mistry a couple of ago when I asked if anyone wanted to guest post for me and she volunteered. She's a great writer and I love her lifestyle posts so much that I said yes! I love her blog too, she has really original content ideas and some of the best advice when it comes to relaxation, something we all need to do a little more of.

Ms Mistry also rund the Blogger Box Share, a chance for bloggers to be paired together to get to know each other and send each other a box full of goodies they would like. For more information you can click here.

Puzzle Piece Life

I actually discovered Jay after one of the Blog retweet Twitter accounts retweeted a picture of a kitten that looked so much like my Dexter I had to do a double take. I clicked the link and there was an article about Jay's kitten... Dexter! What are the odd's?! They're like kitten twins!

Not only do I love following Jay for all of the adorable cat pictures, I absolutely love her blog too. She posts a lot about beauty and her general life ramblings, which at times can be the best sorts of posts to read. I love having a nose at what other people are up to!

Filthy Paws and Silky Drawers

I first discovered Sophie through Twitter when a lot of people were retweeting some of her Tweets surrounding Twitter drama which were incredibly funny and I 100% agreed with them. She's definitely opinionated but that's why I love her, she's so real and honest - which shows in her blog posts.

Expect lots of beauty and fashion with the odd lifestyle post from Sophie, all with amazing photography and lot of personality. One of my favourite posts has to be '5 Things We Need to Educate Young People on' as I agree with every single point made.

Diary of a Fashion Drop Out

I was lucky enough to share a lodge with Jess and Centreparcs as she is one of the kindest, funniest and craziest people I have ever met. Despite never meeting before we got on amazingly for the entire weekend. Jess posts mainly about fashion however there are some beauty posts too!

Jess has also ventured into the world of Youtube recently and for a newbie she is amazingly confident! You can check out her channel here.


Frannymac is another blogging with absolutely stunning photography, it's always so on point. She posts mainly about beauty and lifestyle with a couple of posts on events too. I had the pleasure of meeting Fran at the Big Blogger Conference this year and she was so sweet, not to mention her amazing fashion sense.

Fran has a series called 'What Happened Last Month' and I absolutely love it. It's a view of her month given in pictures and its so nice to be nosey and see what she got up to! I love looking at other peoples round up posts, especially if they have lots of pictures.

Beauty by Hari Pixi

Hari is actually a friend of mine as we went to the same secondary school. Hari was always posting mini reviews of makeup on instagram so after a couple of months of me trying she finally took the high step of starting her own blog - I am so proud of her!

Although she has only been blogging a couple of months she's a natural and her posts are amazing. She's beauty obsessed which is obvious when looking at her blog and I am insanely jealous of her amazing makeup skills and recreations of looks.

The Curvaceous Vegan

Amie is such a lovely blogger and always replying to comments and tweets, I love it! I first discovered Amie's blog through a Twitter chat but I am so glad that I did, it's amazing. I love her posts about her health as they are so open and honest, something not a lot of people can do.

I also love that she was inspired by one of my posts to write one of her own, as that is something that has never happened to me before. She was so sweet in approaching when she wanted to write it and it turned out amazingly.

Making It Up Blog

Jess from Making It Up devotes her whole blog to beauty and it is amazing. Her professional layout and stunning photography are what makes the blog, it is honestly so pretty.

My favourite posts are her monthly favourites and hauls as I am 100% sure they have influenced a lot of my recent purchases.

Pull Yourself Together

I met Hannah when she attended my first ever event and she is one of the sweetest girls I know and her blog is absolutely lovely. Her posts are a mix between beauty and fashion and talking about her mental health. I love how open and honest her posts can be on topics that are not often discussed in the media.

At the end of each post Hannah does something she calls 'project smile'. She gives one or two reasons why she has smiled that day, which I think is an amazing little touch to such a lovely blog.

Jasmine Harding Makeup

Another blog that is completely devoted to makeup, Jasmine's blog is amazing. Her posts are always new and fresh content, her pictures look amazing and she really knows what she is talking about when it comes to makeup and beauty.

Jasmine also has a stunningly beautiful Instagram account that has lots of pictures of makeup and beauty products. They are always so nicely laid out and the constant theme throughout is stunning.

Amanda Bootes

Amanda is a lifestyle bloggers and one of the first I followed on Twitter and I absolutely love her blog as it focuses on food, especially recipes and reviews. I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at the Bloggers Festival 2015 and she is one of the sweetest people ever, and so brave for hobbling around all day on crutches!

Amanda also writes for Metro, which I think is amazing! Expect lots of foodie posts, posts on being a 90's kid and cats. So many cats!

Cow Heart Girl

Beth's blog is one I have discovered recently, but it has already made it into my top 50! She's a beauty and lifestyle bloggers with loads of great posts.

Beth posts a 'Friday Feature' every week, with her recommendations on events and products. I love this idea as its regular and something I always look forward to reading on a Friday!

Charmed Charlee

I have only discovered Charlee's blog recently, but I have no idea how she managed to stay off my radar for so long... her blog is amazing! I love her beauty posts and her photo's give me so much inspiration to improve mine, I love it.

My of my favourite posts from Charlee is her 'Weekend Trip to Paris' as she announces that her boyfriend proposed to her in front of the Disney castle, how cute is that?

A South Wales Blog

Fion is another blogger I have been following for a while and she's absolutely amazing. She mainly blogs about health and beauty, lifestyle and her time spent working at a camp in America I love reading all about her adventures and her photos are so amazing.

Fion has also organised an event in Wales called Party at the Angel and I am sure it won't be her last!

Jasmin Charlotte 

Jasmin is another speaker I saw at the Big Blogger Conference earlier this year as she was there speaking about SEO and SMO. I picked up some great tips from her (some of which may or may not have influenced parts of this post) and it made me want to read her blog.

I love that Jasmin blogs about the techy side of blogging and I really find her posts so helpful when it comes to imporving my blog, I particularily like her posts about branding your blog, the best plugins for SEO and her blogging tools.

Loving Life in Wellies

Chelsea is another blogger from the same area as me and she actually spoke at the two events I have ran, the Shropshire Blogger Meet and the West Midlands Blogger Meet. She is knowledge on all things SEO and brands and has an amazing outdoor living blog to show for it.

Alongside Loving Life in Wellies, Chelsea also runs a blog called Mz Tech Savvy, which helps to promote women in tech. I love this and bellive it is something that should be explored more, I for one would love to learn more about tech and this blog definitely helps.

Ally in Blunderland

Ally is another blog I discovered quite early on (through her love of Primark!) and she has remained a constant favourite. I LOVE Ally's outift posts and she always manages to look absolutey stunning.Ally has recently started her paramedic training and I love that she is still able to keep up with blogging alongside it.

One of my favourite posts is the one about the charity Coppafeel and their Brajack campaign. I have worked with the particular charity on events and I know how important it is to spread the message that Coppafeel want to promote - that every woman should carry out regular self check ups.

Daisy is a blogger I discovered through Twitter and I am so glad that I did, I love her posts! With a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts Daisy's blog has a little something for everyone! I absolutely love the fact she has a product directory too, it makes browsing her blog so much easier.

Alongside blogging Daisy has also started running events in the Suffolk area, with her firt one next month. I am gutted I can't make it however I know it wont be her last as everything already looks amazing. If you want more info on Daisys event then you can follow her on Twitter here.

Hannah Delacour

I first discovered Hannah when everyone was getting caught up in some Twitter drama and she decided the best thing to do would be to post cute animal pictures. Since then, my Twitter feed has never been short of cute cats thanks to Hannah's retweets.

Hannah is a lifestyle blogger that covers a range of different topics from beauty to blogging tips. I love one of her most recent posts about blog post ideas for when you are fighting writers block, as this is something I experience regularly!

Found Some Paper

Uli's blog is one I discovered recently but I wish I had discovered sooner. It looks so professional (I love her logo and layout) and I always find myself clicking to read more on her posts! I love how she follows her blog theme in each blog posts title, starting them with 'Found some' or 'Found a'... it's so cute.

Little Miss Katy

Katy is one of the sweetest bloggers ever and her blog is so cute. I love how she catergorises it into food, fashion and fun - three of my favourite things! She has a stunningly beautiuful, just like her photography.

Katy Posts a 'Happy Monday' post every week because depsite it being an unpopular opinion, she loves Mondays! The posts are alwaya little bit of positivity on an otherwise miserable day and for that I abosolutey love reading these posts!

So there you have it! My list of 50 bloggers you should be following! I could have kept going too.... If there is anyone else you think should be added to the list, please do link to them below! 

Kirsty Leanne xx



  1. This is such a good post! I know I am biased, but shh. I need to check out all of these blogs now! Thankyou for adding to my already too busy life haha

  2. Great posts and some good reads on here.

  3. OMG I totally missed this post - you absolute beauty thank you! (As you can see I'm doing a bit of catch up reading right now haha!!)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  4. This made me smile so much. Thank you for including me. And I've had a bit of a snoop on some incredible bloggers that you have mentioned you absoulte babe.

  5. hahah thank you so much hun! <3 xxx

  6. That's so kind of you, thanks for the mentions!

    I really need to push on with MTS, I've just had no time whatsoever but it's a cool project and I need to find a way of moving it forward. Perhaps in the new year...

    Great list there, I follow some of them but I'm always looking for new ones...



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