Friday, 16 October 2015

Events: Tips for Organising an Amazing Event!

As most of you may know, me and my blogging bestie Adele have started organising blogger events throughout the West Midlands and South West. We've just hosted our second one and planning for our third and fourth are well underway! We decided it would be a cool idea to collab to bring you a post each about what we are up too! You can read Adele's post 'What I Didn't Expect When Organising an Event', here.

So, for my post I am going to give you a couple of tips that have really helped me when organising events. I am in no way whatsoever an expert, however these little things have kept me reasonably sane throughout all of the hours and hours of planning so I thought I would share them with you.

1. Use Google Sheets to keep track of everything. If you're organising an event with someone else Google Sheets is an absolute live saver, as you can see what changes anyone who has access to the sheet is making as they're doing it. Me and Adele have Sheets for everything, including bloggers attending, brands contacted and brands confirmed.

2. Get people to confirm their attendance by emailing over their social media and blog addresses, or get them to sign up to a database.  For my first event (Shropshire Blogger Meet) I made the terrible mistake of not asking people to confirm their attendance by sending over their links, this meant hours and hours of searching the internet looking for them myself. It takes up valuable time and some people are so difficult to find based on just an email address and name. Getting people to join a database or send the details over as confirmation makes it sto easy to put everything into a spreadsheet to send over to brands.

3. Do your research. Contacting brands is a huge part of organsing a blogger event and I am sure they probably get 100's of emails a week from different bloggers or event organisers asking if they want to work with them. In order to stand out from the crowd it is so important to do your research on every brand you contact. Check out their website, Twitter and Instagram before you reach out to them, that way you will be able to have a much more valuable conversation if they do want to work with you.

4. Keep in touch. Through organising events I have realised how important it is to keep in touch with people, keeping them in the loop. Regular emails to your attendees and the brands involved really help, especially if you're a pro at keeping on top of your emails. Don't be afraid to chase a brand either, sometimes they forget to reply (they're human too) and a friendly email asking for an update could remind them to get back in touch.

Have you organised an event before? What would your top tips be? I'd love to know!

Kirsty Leanne xx

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