Travel Tips: Autumn Packing Essentials

I’ve posted before about how I tend to travel out of the summer season as it’s much quieter and much cheaper. I know it means I don’t often get to enjoy anything above 30 degrees heat, but it helps when it comes to budgeting my travel.

Saying that, before I started travelling often I had absolutely no idea what to pack for a break in Autumn. The difference in weather is sometimes a right nightmare when traveling abroad, for example when I went to Dusseldorf recently I was expecting rain and 12 degrees and we ended up baking in 25-degree heat!

To save you making the same mistakes I have, I thought I’d share some of my Autumn Packing Essentials with you.


I love when Autumn and Winter come around as it means I can go back to wearing my favourite kind of footwear – boots! Whether they’re knee high, ankle or sock, I love a good pair and they’re essential for any Autumn trip as they’re SO comfortable when it comes to walking around all day – especially if they’re flat rather than heeled.

Rain Mac or Umbrella

EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on holiday it rains, so I make sure I have a rain mac with me. They’re so easy to roll up and throw in your bag in case of any unexpected downpours! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught out and had to buy and emergency, cheap umbrella while travelling.

Warm(ish) Coat

If you know it’s going to be quite chilly while you’re away, a warm(ish) coat is essential. It’s also a great time to get lots of use out of your favourite autumnal coats (don’t try to tell me you don’t have a favourite).


Even though it can start dropping colder in the Autumn moves, the sun is definitely still likely to show its face. For that reason alone, sunglasses are ALWAYS in my hand luggage!


My staple clothing item for any trip are going out dresses, as I find they are so versatile. You can style them with tights and a pair of boots if it’s cold, or if it’s a slightly warmer Autumn day you can brave going without the tights. They’re also perfect for if you’re planning on going out as they’re lightweight to pack and always look incredible on.


It’s not very often I go anywhere without a backpack now. I love that I can just throw everything in their and I’m literally set for the whole day. It’s so much easier than lugging a handbag around with you all day, especially when you’re going to be walking around a city for hours and hours.

I’m looking forward to my upcoming Autumn trips and writing this post has definitely got me excited for packing for maybe the first time ever!

Kirsty Leanne


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